Thursday, 26 May 2011

20.000 km in 3 months on a bike

We had the first motorbikers in for a lunch stop. They started their trip in Alaska and are making their way down south on all of the Panamericana. 20.000 km on a bike. I guess you have to be slightly mad to do that in only 3 months. Anyway, the guys appeared to be of good mental health and we had a nice chat on some of their experiences. As much as they would have liked to buy some souvenirs in our shop, their cargo capacities were a bit limited, so they had a burger and some local delicacies instead, and took off again.
The most amazing thing for me was the fact that they only travel through South America with the map you see on the picture below. Cool.

They have a blog and gave me their (tiny) card but I currently can't find it.

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