Friday, 10 June 2011

La Yunta Photo Models

Since today the weather was very nice again, I thought it would be nice to take some pictures of our farm. Here you go…

The pigs were not aware that today is a photo shoot day. I guess, they would have had a bath otherwise.

We have 6 new chicks. They are adorable and very friendly. The love my shoes apparently.

The older chicken are getting fat and more relaxed. You can approach them and they stay put.

The 2 cocks are cool. Whenever one of the neighbor’s cocks come around, we have a bit of a fight. So far, La Yunta won most times. Inspired by that, I placed one of the figures that we sell in the garden and waited to see what would happen. The cock took quite a while until he figured out that the potential enemy was made of wood.

If coolness was judged, our rabbits definitely would win any prize. They don’t only have the coolest house around but are just the happiest and jolliest in our little farm. Since the sickness is cured, they are now awaiting some more members of their little Playboy family. Their mansion has a balcony that fits 3 rabbits (they love it), 3 living floors, Hef’s private bedroom, La Gruta (the cave) and some smaller rooms to hide away and do whatever bunnies do in private.

Our geese are growing up and settling in very nicely as well. That is partly good. A side effect of this is that they are getting very confident and protective with the surrounding they live in. They behave a bit like dogs. If you cross their terrain, they don’t really appreciate that. I hope that they will get used to the fact that we live in the same space and that they will not attack any of our customers. If they do, they will be put into the oven. Yummy :) However, they make a bloody good appearance on camera.

Finally, the cows. They are slightly boring. Eating, drinking and shitting all day. Anyway, they are nice and funny at times as well. Here is a picture where Miss Holstein tries to taste my camera. She only missed it by an inch or so.

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