Friday, 5 November 2010

So many last things

It is becoming apparent that my leave from my current employer is less than 3 weeks to go.

There are more and more things that I do for the last time now. The last trip to Sweden this week, the last meeting in a series next week, last pizza Thursday in 2 weeks time, and generally seeing people for the (probably) last time who are not working at our Swiss office and will not be around during the next few weeks.

All this is obvious if you leave a company (and I have done that a couple of times) but the feeling attached to those events is much stronger if you are leaving the continent and are likely not to come back for at least a year. In the past 11 years of my business career all those good-byes were feeling temporary although most people I actually have never seen since then.

I am looking forward to my farewell party next week though. It should be fun to celebrate my three years with the company and say good-bye with a nice event. In the end, I am leaving to build something up and not because the competition recruited me… :)

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