Thursday, 20 January 2011

Business Kickoff

There are great news :)
Yesterday, we have signed a preliminary rental agreement to rent a large outlet for the duration of 4 years.
It has a huge sales room, a nicely sized kitchen and restrooms. It is located just 7km south of Cuenca on the Pan-American Highway (Panamericana) towards Loja.

We will use the building for a farm supply shop and a restaurant. The shop will stock those typical items, that the farm owners buy for their farms to operate, to look nice, to feel comfortable as well as special. Although there are many shops to sell the essentials, there is no shop so far that targets this aspect of farm life, which has very much developed into representation and hosting events for family and friends. This market we want to serve with initially about 200 products - if all goes well already from March 2011.

Behind the building, we have enough space for afternoon relaxation or having lunch in the sun (under an umbrella).

All the land (up to the hill peak) belongs to the site and we could use it. We don't have plans yet for the upper areas but may come up with some use for it. The lower grass pitch will host some animal shelters and a lake for the ducks to be jolly in :)

 The kitchen needs proper equipment. All of the stuff in the pictures will be removed by the owner.

 Also the restaurant area will be completely emptied. We will add our own tables, chairs and bar. The restaurant will serve lunch and early dinners with local as well as selected European specialties. The menu will be small but only with fresh products.

 A view into the depths of the sales area. 

 The kitchen will partly remain open. We will only close the left side.

 The owner with one of his sons.

 The bulding from the street. It is brand new and needs some final touches but is exactly what we have been looking for.

Tough business talk with toy in hand... A classic...

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